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Zigbee Smart Switch

The Paulmann Zigbee Smart Switch can be used together with an Amazon Echo that has a Zigbee interface.*

To do this, first teach the wall switch to an Amazon Echo. Then connect the wall switch to the devices to be controlled via Zigbee Touchlink.
The luminaires linked to the wall switch and the Amazon Echo can then be controlled in parallel via the Paulmann Zigbee Smart Switch, the Amazon Alexa app and the Amazon Alexa voice control.
Switching on, switching off and dimming is possible via the wall switch.
For example, the wall switch can be taught to an Amazon Echo as follows:

1. Reset the wall switch if you have already used it**
2. Open the Amazon Alexa app
3. Go to the Devices category and press the "+"
4. Select "Add device" and then the category "Switch"
5. Select "Other" as the brand and then start the device search
6. Start the connection mode of the wall switch**

After successful pairing, the Paulmann Zigbee Smart Switch will appear in the Amazon Alexa app in the category Switch.

You can find out how to connect the wall switch with luminaires via Touchlink and divide it into two groups in the instructions.
*Status 01.11.2021. We have no influence on software adaptations by Amazon. We do not guarantee the usability of the Paulmann Smart Switch on Amazon Echo devices.

** Pressing the two lower buttons of the wall switch three times can trigger both a reset and the connection mode. If the LED flashes only three times briefly as confirmation, a reset was performed. If the LED flashes more frequently, the wall switch is trying to connect.